Our Mission

We provide financial and leadership resources for aspiring female entrepreneurs building businesses to solve today’s biggest social issues so they can have a boundless impact in society.


Empower women to achieve their entrepreneurial goals and use their businesses to solve social issues


Embrace our entrepreneurs by ensuring they are never alone on their journey


Elevate nonprofits that pave the way for female business-owners

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up this diminishes fear.

– Rosa Parks

Founders’ Story

Soon and McKeel Hagerty

We launched the Boundless Futures Foundation because we believe that women can have a Boundless impact in society. We learned this from growing up in entrepreneurial families where women led the way, and from our experiences in the business world.

We know that entrepreneurs and well-run businesses can make positive changes in communities and society, and we have been inspired by so many female entrepreneurs. We’ve also learned that many women have common stories of working twice as hard as men to achieve similar status and success, that they struggle to find role models in their space, and that they wish for access to a community of female entrepreneurs who can help guide them on their journey to launch their own business.

We’ve also traveled all over the world and have seen the inequalities in access to resources, capital, and business role models for women. Our belief is that all women should have equal access to the tools they need to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, and that women can be the future’s changemakers when barriers are reduced. 

We believe deeply in the power of businesses and entrepreneurs to solve society’s biggest issues. Whether it means tackling a social issue directly or creating a business model that ‘does good by doing well,’ we know from experience that purpose and profit together can be powerful drivers of change and impact.

Our Foundation’s three pillars – Empower, Embrace, and Elevate – aim not only to provide financial support for female entrepreneurs and nonprofits that align with our mission, but also to create a network of experts that aspiring entrepreneurs can call upon to navigate the often-overwhelming world of running a new business.

Boundless Futures Foundation is just one avenue to support female entrepreneurs, but it’s one that we’re passionate about and committed to. We’re excited to start the work and to learn as we go. We’ve found our purpose – reducing barriers to entrepreneurship for women, and supporting women who use their businesses to solve society’s biggest issues. We can’t wait to see the change they make.

We hope that whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an avid supporter of women, or someone simply curious about our Foundation that you will reach out to us or a member of our team and join us in helping women have a Boundless Future.

We have three daughters who have been exposed to our family businesses since they were born. They are living examples of our vision. Our hope is that they will carry on our Boundless vision long into the future.

Soon + McKeel Hagerty
Founders of Boundless Futures Foundation

Leadership + Advisory Circle

Soon Hagerty

Founder, President + Advisory Circle Member

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McKeel Hagerty

Founder + Advisory Circle Member

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Jessica Sullivan

Executive Director + Advisory Circle Member

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Emily Modrall

Community Director

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Stacey Feeley

EntrepreHER + Advisory Circle Member

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Beth Melcher

EntrepreHER + Advisory Circle

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Robyn Marcotte

Robyn Marcotte

EntrepreHER + Advisory Circle

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Foundation FAQ

Boundless Futures Foundation is committed to making entrepreneurship more accessible for women. If you have further questions about the foundation or our work, please get in touch.

Where is Boundless Futures Foundation based?

The Foundation is based in the U.S. and currently supports entrepreneurs and organizations in the U.S. only. In the future we plan to expand to support international grantees who align with our mission and meet grant criteria.

What does Boundless Futures Foundation mean by ‘social issues’?

We are firm believers that purpose and profit together can create powerful change in the world. We’ve identified a social issue – inequities and barriers that female entrepreneurs face – and we’re contributing to the solution. Boundless Futures Foundation asks the same of its grantees. We support entrepreneurs who are using their businesses to solve a problem in society on any scale, either through their product or service, or through a business model or practice. A purpose-focused business might create something new, do things a better way, or donate resources to a cause or target demographic – there are many ways that an entrepreneur and her business can change the world, and we’re here to help. We also support nonprofits that align with our goal to increase women’s access to entrepreneurial skills and tools. We ask all grant applicants to describe how their businesses make a positive social impact.

Boundless Futures refers to a funding gap between female and male entrepreneurs – where does that data come from?

Statistics show a significant difference between venture capital start-up funding for women and men. Data collected in the U.S. consistently show that about 2% of all VC funding yearly goes to women regardless of the VC world’s year-over-year growth. Despite performance and business success metrics, long-standing gender-based biases against women prevail. Fortunately, increasing numbers of female investors, nonprofits, and philanthropists are disrupting this cycle. Change is afoot, and we’re proud to be part of it!

What’s the role of the Foundation’s Advisory Circle?

We believe that support is crucial in the early stages of launching a business; our Advisory Circle ensures that entrepreneur grantees have access to experts who can answer the myriad of questions that new business owners have. We have assembled a Circle of female entrepreneurs across sectors to support our grantees. The Advisory Circle’s goal is to foster the development of the Foundation’s grant recipients and their businesses, encouraging greater strategic thinking, future financial sustainability, and peer-to-peer networking and support.

Do you take equity in the businesses you support?

The Foundation does not take equity from any grantees.

Would the Foundation consider supporting a scaling business through a grant or investment?

Our goal is to support women who are in the early stages of launching their own business through financial and resource support. We do not provide grants to support businesses beyond the start-up phase that are expanding or scaling, nor does the Foundation function as an investor or investment vehicle.