Sr. VP of Brand Strategy, Restauranteur & Nonprofit Founder, with Soon Hagerty

Soon Hagerty is the epitome of showing how your transferable skills can help you have a cool job in completely different industries: She’s the Sr. VP of Brand Strategy, a restauranteur, and a nonprofit founder.

As the Sr. Vice President (VP) of Brand Strategy at a specialty vehicle insurance company (that focuses on classic cars), Soon Hagerty has created a car culture, a community, and meaningful connections between owners/enthusiasts that propelled the company forward as a leader in their niche.

She helped transform Hagerty from a local specialty insurance company to a global, publicly-traded lifestyle brand for car lovers that joined the New York Stock Exchange in 2021 with a value of more than $3 billion.

She is the founder and co-owner of The Good Bowl, a mission-based Vietnamese restaurant in Traverse City, Michigan, that donates $1 per bowl to charity.

She’s also the cofounder of the newly-launched Boundless Futures Foundation, a foundation dedicated to providing financial and leadership resources to aspiring female entrepreneurs who are building businesses that either address today‚Äôs biggest social issues or have an impact element embedded in their business model. The Foundation also supports mission-aligned nonprofits throughout the US. The foundation just awarded its inaugural grants in January 2024 that totaled $120,000.

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