The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You

Lydia Fenet, the country’s leading benefit auctioneer, reveals the strategies behind her revolutionary sales approach so that every reader feels empowered to tap into her own power and achieve results in any setting.


Who is the most powerful woman in the room? She always commands attention, whether she’s at lunch, in a meeting, or on a stage. She prides herself on her ability to sell anything to anyone using a clever combination of intelligence, personality, and humor. She possesses unshakable confidence and boundless drive. She can be you!

As a leader in her field, and named as one of the influential women in New York, Lydia Fenet knows firsthand that being an effective salesperson is what distinguishes top achievers in all fields from the rest of the pack. The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is You equips you with the essential tools of the trade—how to sell as yourself (instead of copying the person who taught you how to sell), the most effective ways to network (or die), the negotiate-not-apologize mentality, the tricks of a perfect poker face, and the importance of always, always telling the truth. Lydia reveals the ways to find your own “strike method”—a signature that summons strength and confidence from the minute you embark on any pitch. Most of all, Lydia offers hundreds of pages of encouragement laced with humorous anecdotes to help you take ownership of your position while finding opportunities to innovate.

Throughout the book, Lydia also shares inspiring stories from her own life, like how she got her foot in the door at Christie’s after she was originally told there were no spots left in the intern program. Later, she realized she was being paid less than her market value, she negotiated a higher salary, started a new department, and came back more powerful than ever.

Filled with memorable case studies, no-fail strategies, and fresh, unexpected advice from some of the most successful women in business, fashion, journalism, and the arts, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You is an essential resource that will have you winning over the audiences in all aspects of your life.

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