Phenomenal Feminine Entrepreneurs

Life-Changing Insights into Taking Control of Your Prosperity, Your Freedom & Your Beautiful Future


Worldwide, women are embracing their entrepreneurial spirits, honing in on their passions and hard-earned wisdom, generously sharing it, and achieving next-level success and purpose as a result. Phenomenal Feminine Entrepreneurs profiles 21 exemplar influential and creative women covering numerous ages, races, backgrounds and industries, including well-known names like Forbes Riley, Annie Grace and Rachel Pedersen. All of whom share their life-changing insights into taking control of your prosperity, your freedom, and your beautiful future. Overflowing with practical, inspirational insights for those looking to forge their own paths, these interviews detail the keys to success (for example, feminine leadership, facing imposter syndrome head-on and the role of vulnerability), highlighting the importance of mindset and community for this generation of feminine entrepreneurs. This book is a visual delight and will add life and inspiration to any coffee table or bookshelf.

For even more inspiration, head to to tune into interviews with each of the following Phenomenal Feminine Entrepreneurs.

Contributors; Annie Grace, Rachel Pedersen, Forbes Riley, Krista Mashore, Eva Medilek, Christa Nichols, Christine Innes, Dr Izdihar Jamil, Sarah Louise, Kim Morrison, Ana Paula Munoz, Chelsea Clarke, Caroline Labouchere, Kirsty Wirth, Jaimsyne Blakely, Meredith Allan, Rebecca Whitman, Nellie Corriveau, Dr Marcy Cole, Elizabeth de Moraes.

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