Buy Back Your Time

by Dan Martell

How different would your life and business be, if you could only work on things you love?

Becoming successful is not about grinding harder or finding more time to work. 
It’s about installing systems and mindset shifts to engage in high-value work that brings you energy and fulfillment.
Trading money for time will bring you more success than you ever thought possible, while reducing stress and maximizing happiness. 

Throughout your Buyback journey, you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate your Buyback Rate so you can buy back time immediately
  • Why Playbooks need to be the foundation of your business, and how to create them
  • When to employ time hacks, such as the Definition of Done and the $50 Magic Pill, to help your team work more efficiently, prevent bottlenecks, and guard your energy
  • The secret to engineering your perfect week—and then, your perfect year—to ensure you’re fully focused on what matters most
  • The Replacement Ladder steps you need to climb to become an empire builder

Buy Back Your Time is the definitive guide for entrepreneurs at every level on how to succeed in business while enjoying more freedom than they ever imagined.

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